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Informational Links

Manufacture Links

Al Mar Knives - Since 1979, Al Mar Knives ™ has been committed to making unique designs at quality levels that rival custom, hand-made knives.

Benchmade Knives - Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. manufactures knives for a loyal and ever growing following of knife users. Here at Benchmade we employ a simple philosophy- "Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade."

Boker Knives - Boker knives traces their history back to the Boeker tool factory in Remscheid Germany established during the 17th century. Boker Knives makes quality cutlery for kitchen, pocket, Military, Law Enforcement, collecting, and hunting.

Buck Knives - The history of Buck knives extends back to the handmade fixed blade knives of Hoyt Buck starting in 1941, to Al Buck who popularized the lock back Buck knife folding hunter in 1962.

Cold Steel Knives - Cold Steel Knives makes very high quality products.

Columbia River Knife & Tool - Columbia River Knife and Tool has had success after success with their new offerings and has continued to offer fresh designs from well known Custom knife makers.

Emerson Knives - Emerson Knives has a solid granite, if not legendary, status among the world's elite military and Law Enforcement agencies.

Gerber Knives - Each Gerber knife comes with a special edge: An edge hand tested by knowledgeable employees with years of experience.

Ka-Bar Knives - KA-BAR knives manufactures practical and affordable fixed blade and folding knives for hunting, sporting, military and basic utility purposes.

Kershaw Knives - Kershaw knives are best known for their advanced development and design. Founded in 1974, Kershaw manufactures their knives to perform on the highest level.

Medford Knife & Tool - Greg Medford makes some incredibly tough and bad ass knives, all 100% American made and built for heavy use.

Spyderco Knives - Spyderco's philosophy is simple. Spyderco consistently delivers reliable high performance. Period.

DMT - Diamonds are a Sharpener's Best Friend

Knowledge Links

How to Buy a Knife- Steps to Buying the Right Knife

Knife Care and Maintenance - Take care of your quality knives!

Anatomy of a Knife - What makes a knife?

Blade Geometry FAQ's - Understanding the different shapes, grinds, and characteristics of knife blades.

Knife Steel Facts - A brief explanation of knife steels.

Serrated vs. Plain Edge Knives - Get the right tool for the right job!

How to Sharpen a Knife - General Knife Sharpening Instructions

California Self Defense and Knife Law - Stuff every knife owner needs to know.

The Bowie Knife - Interesting facts on the history, and collecting of the Bowie knife.

Traditional Samurai Construction - Japanise Samurai Sword construction infromation and links.

Knife Self Defense and Basic Knife Fighting Techniques - A quick look at what you should expect in a knife fighting situation and how to cope with it and train for when it might happen to you.


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