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We are located in the beautiful Mojave Desert of Southern California, in the community of Newberry Springs.

The owner Jeff Gaastra, has been in the martial arts since 1982. He has always loved the outdoors and enjoys outdoor sports like shooting, hunting, off-road motorcycle riding, fishing (he lives on a lake) and water skiing. He belongs to the NRA, Silver Valley gun club, and the American Water Ski Association and competes in shooting competitions and water ski tournaments.

Jeff has always been fond of the blade arts, he has taught martial arts and self defense against all kinds of weapons. He has collected knives and swords for many years and has a love for quality in all things he owns.

Weapons Edge is a family owned business, we sell our products at gun shows and online. We carry a large inventory and always strive to have the best products at the best prices. We have been selling knives and related products since 1995 under our previous name Knife Deals Plus. But in 2013 we changed our name to Weapons Edge and launched a new web site. The new site is much better stocked and automatically updated with inventory every day. We are very excited to offer our customers a better shopping experience with the new site! Plus many new product lines!

Call Weapons Edge at (800) 867-7496 today!    E mail contact page

Hours 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday Pacific Time

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